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prepare to swoon over the strong silent type...

I’m not good in social situations. The thought of dating makes me cringe. I’m not shy. I don’t like being asked questions or answering them. It’s pointless. Everything there is to know about me is right there on the surface in plain view. There’s nothing else to discover because there is nothing else. I’m functional but hold no extra worth as a human being than anyone else. At the same time, I’ve had no desire to get to know anyone outside of my circle until today. I felt something when she touched me. It was a charge or a jump start. For the first time in I’m interested. I’m curious about the brunette with wide brown eyes and a pension for putting her foot in her mouth. 

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Behind the BBM
Broken Bird is a media term used to describe a heroine with a troubled past that often lets it get in the way, and/or bad ass as possible. Those who have read  The Rennillia Series, are well acquainted with all these qualities (and several others) in Ren. To sum up she is "Cute, but Troubled". When it came to picking a name to independently publish just felt right. 
*Broken Bird is a registered publisher at Bowker. The BBM brand and logo are copyrighted and the sole property of M. Sembera*